flightjacket: (DW: Ten = Awkward introductions!)
flightjacket ([personal profile] flightjacket) wrote2010-12-13 12:42 pm
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Awkward (re)introductions!

Hello, my name is Eli, or Liz, or Lili, and I am mostly known around the internet as epaulettes or ssoleil. My original LJ is on permanent hiatus, but I wanted the opportunity to keep posting cool fandom-related things, so I made this journal as a sort of incognito way to do that. I consider this a mirror journal for my Tumblr and my Delicious, so I don't expect a great deal of blogging to take place. Just occasional spurts of content when the microblogs won't cut it. Also, commenting. Hopefully, lots of commenting will take place. :)

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