Mar. 11th, 2011

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Title: Make Your Own Walking Post
Author: [ profile] flightjacket
Pairing: general (walking playlist)
A/N: I've been developing this playlist since my freshman year of college for my own personal mood-boosting purposes, but I thought since it's my last semester of senior year I should preserve it for future generations of campus ambulators. I hope it will have equal use to commuters of all kinds, as well as other people who just like walking, hahaha.


You’re walking along with your headphones in when a new song starts up on your iPod and something about it rubs you the right way. Something about it makes you change your pace just to match the beat. The right musical cue can bring a fresh spring to your step, a little extra swing to your hips, a sanguine smile to your face. According to personal experience popular report, it might even make you fantasize seriously about bursting into a spontaneous musical number.* This is what I like to call a walking post song. Gather enough of these into your iPod, and you are virtually guaranteed to feel like a movie star as you traverse the streets on business of a (no doubt) very important and highly fabulous nature.

This mix brings you the best of my personal walking playlist. It comes in three themed parts, but is meant to be shuffled and pruned according to taste, mood, and length of walk.

Mix art depicts universal spirit animal, Karen Gillan, because you can only hope your candid shots come out half as amazing as hers. :)

a mix to help you walk your most photogenic walk, one anthem at a time )

Will mirror/reupload on request. Comments are cherished.

*I have certainly never actually flitted through the deserted hallways of my campus of an evening, angrily mouthing lyrics and pretending to be in a rock musical. No, no sir, no one can prove that was me.


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