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Fanmix: For The Love Of Haggis, Scotland (Klu's birthday mix)

Title: For The Love Of Haggis
Author: [livejournal.com profile] flightjacket
Pairing: Scotland/you
A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KLU! To those not in the know, [livejournal.com profile] queenklu and I both studied abroad in Scotland last year, and the Highland spirit has yet to make its way out of our systems. As sure as I am that Klu has lots of these songs, I think it's the thought of all the DSL (Deep Scottish Love, did they use that joke on your tour?) that's contained within this mix that counts.


Amy Macdonald
Amy Macdonald is a Myspace success story who's really
earned her acclaim. I have fond memories of listening to
this song somewhere in Glen Coe.

A Wish For Something More

Belle & Sebastian
A national treasure. Them what need no introduction. I dare
you to listen to these songs and keep the grin off your face.

If You Find Yourself Caught In Love
I Love My Car

Biffy Clyro
This band created one of the great emo anthems of my summer
between high school and college. It's a really lovely tribute song.

Folding Stars

Camera Obscura
The Camera Obscura is a tourist trap with one redeeming
feature: this band named themselves after it. A song I
adopted as my "get out there!" song while I was abroad.

Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken

Edwyn Collins
Writer of one of the sexiest songs ever. Don't argue with me about
this, I will fight you. If it sounds familiar, it's in
Empire Records.
Girl Like You

El Presidente
I hated this song for a long time until one day after I came back
from Scotland when it got violently stuck in my head. Now I like it
for the sentiment.
You will always be a part of me...
Count On Me

Franz Ferdinand
Another band that needs no introduction. The sexiest song about
bicuriosity ever written, and a fun song from a live show in Glasgow.

Your Diary (live)

The Fratellis
To Americans, they might be best known for being enthusiastically
endorsed by David Tennant, but they're worth the praise.
An uncomplicated, high energy rock band.

Look Out Sunshine!

Frightened Rabbit
The best thing about this band is that all their songs are
whisky-soaked send ups to love and all of its fucked up charms.
See "Who'd You Kill Now?" for a quick minute of drunken
incomprehensibility backed by beautifully delicate guitars.

Who'd You Kill Now?

Who doesn't love Garbage? This is my favorite of their songs.
A beautifully serviceable life anthem.

Tell Me Where It Hurts

KT Tunstall
I had to physically restrain myself from putting "Suddenly I See"
on this mix because I was trying not to be too obvious, but seriously
that song is awesome. This song is also awesome (especially if you
imagine Uhura singing it at Kirk).


Snow Patrol
Snow Patrol pretty much defined my senior year of high school, which
made me very biased toward them for a while (ick, my music taste back then),
but I've grown to like these adopted Glaswegians again in my Scottish mania.

Hands Open
It's Beginning To Get To Me

Travis is a really colorful band for me--their songs just
scream colors at me for some reason. These two songs exude pink
and green, respectively. See how you feel about them.

Flowers In The Window
Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

We Were Promised Jetpacks
This band is pretty new to me. My friend saw them open for
Jimmy Eat World and told me they were adorable. Roll Up Your Sleeves
is almost hilariously indicative of the Scottish mindset.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Bonus: Nostalgia Value
I know I said I was trying not to be too obvious, but these two songs
get a pass for extraordinary nostalgia value and also awesomeness.

The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

Bonus: Loch Lomond Riffs
First, a fun sing along (Klu, replace all the 25 references with
22 references!). Then, a cheese fest proclaiming the deep bond of
love that exists between us Yanks and those Scots across the pond.

PRF Bacchanalians - Loch Lomond
John Barrowman - Amazing Grace/Loch Lomond

Will mirror/reupload on request. Comments are cherished.

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