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Fanmix: Strange Constellations, Doctor Who (Doctor+Amy)

Title: Strange Constellations
Author: [livejournal.com profile] flightjacket
Pairing: Amy & The Doctor (not romantically, exactly, but if you want to read it that way, or as pre-OT3, go right ahead)
A/N: A wistful and slightly bitter and stubbornly hopeful EP for Amy & the Doctor & the long road to forgiveness. Follows the entire arc of S5, so spoilers for all the major plot points.

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1. Rambling ManLaura Marling
For little Amelia, whose life is irrevocably changed—and
perhaps not for the better—by a chance introduction to a
raggedy wanderer.
Oh, naïve little me
Asking what things you have seen
Oh, give me to a rambling man
Let it always be known that I was who I am
2. The Remnant (Wallpaper. remix)Josh Ritter
Amy, all grown up now, learns who and what the Doctor really is.
I know who you are old man keep running
I tracked you down by the look in the eyes
Of a thousand gone faces pressed against their windows
Horses hiding in the willows 'til the storm passed by
And a fine gray dust seemed to settle on the future
A fine gray dust seemed to settle in between
And up through the blue I knew that stars were tumbling
3. Out On The PiersMarit Bergman
Amy gets a bit caught up in the adventure and the adrenaline.
We'll be out on the piers
We'll be up on the roofs tonight
You'll be my stranger
I'll be your light
And I'll let you touch me
Anyway that you want
I'll love you forever
I'll love you 'til dawn
And I'll run my fingers
Along the arch of your spine
Comfortably knowing
That you won't be mine
And not so very long from now
Silence will fall
We'll stay here, watch the stars burning out
We won't care at all
4. Walk In The ParkBeach House
The Doctor brought Rory into his world, so it's his fault if Rory gets
lost. His guilt as he watches Amy suffer the consequences of what he
views as his own failure:
You go for a walk in the park 'cause you don't need anything
Your hand that you sometimes hold doesn't do anything
The face that you see in the door isn't standing there anymore
In a matter of time, it would slip from my mind
In and out of my life, you would slip from my mind
In a matter of time
More, you want more, you tell me
More, only time can run me
5. Exogenesis: Symphony Part III (Redemption)Muse
The Doctor finds a way to fix everything that's gone wrong in Amy's
impossible life (or is it lives?).
Let's start over again
Why can't we start it over again
Just let us start it over again
And we'll be good
This time we'll get it, get it right
It's our last chance to forgive ourselves
6. Black Eyed BoyTexas
The Doctor may have written himself out of Amy's life, but that's not
enough to stop Amy. All's square, all's forgiven, and it's time for
them to celebrate it.
No, I don't lack ambition
Can't you see what I hate
That it's you who is sinking
Locked behind iron gates
You should know you're falling into fiction
I can tell you're on some foolish mission
Your black eyed soul, you should know
That there's nowhere else to go
My black eyed boy
You will find
Your own space and time
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Will mirror/reupload on request. Comments are cherished.

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